The Human Event of the Karekare Beach Races will see runners and walkers travel 10km through stunning Waitakere Ranges bush taking in magnificent views of the west coast and finishing on Karekare beach as the horses begin their events. 



The course starts at the end of Glenesk Rd in Piha. It follows a loop around the perimeter of Mill Camp paddock to spread everyone out before following the track up a gradual incline to the breathtaking Kitekite falls. Feet will get refreshingly wet here as the course crosses the stream near the falls. It then follows up Connect Track, Kauri Grove Track, Winstone Track and Ussher Track to Piha Rd. The course then heads west along Piha Rd and turns left into Log Race Rd. At the end of the road it turns onto Mercer Bay Loop Track with some of the best views in the entire Waitakere Ranges. It then follows Comans Track and lastly, after enjoying some beautiful views of the north end of Karekare beach, the course turns right onto a small track that takes human eventers down for a wee loop on the beach before the finish line.

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Registration:  From 7:30 am Saturday 8th April 2017, in the grounds of Mill Camp, near the end of Glenesk Rd in Piha.  At registration you will collect you race bib which is worn on the front.  There will not be racepacks – instead we’ll hand out some goodies at the finish line.

Race briefing:   8:45am at the Start

Start:                  9am

Carnival Opens: 11am

Children’s activities: 11:30am

First Horse Race: 12:30pm


The start in the Mill Camp grounds near the the end of Glenesk Rd in Piha. From Scenic Drive turn onto Piha Rd. Follow Piha Rd for 15km to the signed junction in Piha town. The last 3km or so of Piha Rd is downhill and winding, take care. At the junction at the bottom of the hill turn right into Glenesk Rd. Follow nearly to the end turning into Mill Camp on the left.  Park as directed.Josh Hillary-5345


Shuttle buses will be running between the Human Event start, Piha Domain and Karekare throughout the day. It is advised that runners and supporters park in Piha and use the shuttle buses as required to get to the cars after the event (and after you have enjoyed the Beach Races Carnival). The shuttle bus cost is $2 per trip.


The Karekare Beach Races Carnival organisers welcome supporters of the participants in the Human Event. It is strongly recommended that supporters do not try to drive to Karekare as the road can become very blocked. The best option is to park in Piha at the Human Event start on Glenesk Rd or at the Piha Domain and use the shuttle service provided on the day for a cost of $2 per trip.


There is no compulsory equipment required for this event, however as competitors will be in the bush for much of the event it is recommended that all participants carry water, a small amount of food, a warm or thermal top and in the case of inclement weather, a raincoat.


There will be boxes available in the start area to leave small, labelled bags of gear. After the start these will be taken to the finish area. Please label your own bags as labels will not be provided. Please do not leave valuables in your bag as security can not be guaranteed.


The course will be clearly marked with a combination of white rectangles sprayed with a red arrow, fluorescent coloured tape hanging from branches by pegs and taped routes. The course follows a section of the Hillary Trail so these will also be markers of the course. Marshals will be at track/road junctions and road junctions and other parts of the course that directing participants may be required.


There will be a compulsory race briefing 15 minutes before course start.  Please ensure you are there to hear all the final information


There will be one aid stations on the course at approx. 6km at the end of Log Race Road.. This will include water, electrolyte drink, chips, lollies, pretzels etc.


There will be water and sports drink available at the finish line. As part of the carnival the Karekare Surf Club and Lone Kauri School will have a range of food and drinks for sale as part of their fundraising.

Showers will be available for Human Event participants to use at the Karekare Surf Club rooms.


Because the venue is so loud and busy with the carnival and horse races we will not have a post event prizegiving, instead issuing spot prizes and merit prizes as people finish. This allows you to take off and enjoy the carnival or go home.


There is no compulsory equipment required for this event, however as competitors will be in the bush for much of the event it is recommended that all participants carry water, a small amount of food, a warm or thermal top and in the case of inclement weather, a raincoat.



The course goes through the Waitakere Ranges and this area has been identified as having Kauri that are infected with Kauri dieback.  We have worked with the Auckland Council to ensure that we mitigate the risk of the event spreading Kauri dieback.  Through these measures and education of participants and supporters we ensure that we are using best practice to minimise the risk of spreading the disease that is affecting New Zealand’s greatest majestic native trees.  The event also aims to help raise awareness of the Kauri dieback issue to the wider public.  Please ensure you read all the information on Kauri dieback here which outlines what the issue is and what you can do – whether part of the event or in your training in the Waitakere Ranges.  Lets all help raise awareness of the issue!

So in summary for all participants, supporters and volunteersKauri1BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE EVENT……

  • Please wash all footwear before the event
  • Please use ALL footwashing stations you see in your travels throughout the day at the event
  • Please stay to the formed tracks at all times
  • Please stay off Kauri roots
  • Please not dogs during the event
  • Please wash all footwear after the eventKauri2



Refer to the Health & Safety page for the detailed H&S information